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Sample icon1 APCA’s main objective is to promote its membership’s coffee and protect the Genuine Antigua Coffee label.

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Social Responsibility

Sample icon 3 Each student is provided with the necessary school supplies and books, free of charge.

Welcome to APCA
The reputation for high quality coffee from Antigua is the basis upon which the country has built its magnificent repute for coffee from Guatemala. It’s been considered the best coffee in the country for over a hundred years and, most likely, is considered among the best in the world.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 2000 that 34 local producers came together to create the Genuine Antigua Coffee Growers Association (APCA). Their objective was to protect the name “ANTIGUA”. This name provides denomination of origin to the coffee, as well as guaranteeing the quality and, most importantly, maintaining the standards that have shaped the worldwide reputation of Guatemala’s best coffee, Antigua coffee.

The APCA members also strive to support other producers of Antigua coffee, regardless of the amount of coffee they grow. There are more than 935 producers in the region, many of which are considered small farmers.
hey are provided with training and technical assistance to improve their growing techniques, as well as sharing improved and appropriate processing methodology.

Working together, the APCA coffee farmers are committed to producing Genuine Antigua Coffee of the very highest quality.
You can contact Antigua coffee growers through APCA Contact Us!